Our gynecological services include:

Normal Female Health Care

                Yearly exams for check-ups, screenings for possible future complications, for ways of bettering one’s health.

Birth Control

                Contraception for pregnancy prevention including family planning

Gynecological Health Conditions

                Including common health problems, abnormal, bleeding, or urinary leakage.


                In-office, same day, and inpatient surgeries for the care and treatment of various gynecological issues.


Well Woman Care

At Southern OB/GYN we believe in providing the best health care throughout your life, from adolescence, through reproductive, and into menopausal years to identify and treat any health conditions. Well care service includes:

- Routine Annual Exams
-Exercise and Nutrition Help
-Cholesterol Screening
-Cancer Screening
-Screening, Prevention, and Treatment of Osteoperosis
-Breast Health
Cessation of Smoking


Southern OB/GYN offers an array of birth control options including:

-Oral Contraceptive Pills
-OrthoEvra Patch
-Paragard and Mirena IUD
-Implanon Implant
-Natural Family Planning

Health Conditions

Our physicians are well trained to identify and address an array of health conditions and concerns including but not limited to:

-Abnormal Pap Smears/HPV
-Management of Menopause/Hormone Replacement Therapy
-Ovarian Cysts and Masses


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